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This group was formed in August 2011 with the aim of helping the congregation make the link between our Christian faith and our concerns for the environment. We also aim to take practical action in the church and the area around the church. With the assistance and encouragement of Rev Barbara Ann we became members of Eco-Congregation Scotland in September 2011 and founder members of its newly formed Angus Network which allows us to get ideas from what other churches are working on.

The Fair Trade shop is  open for business both before and after the Sunday services and we always use their tea, coffee and sugar for refreshments, in fact since May 2012 we’ve been officially recognised as a Fair  Trade Church.

Latest news from the green committee

As you know the church received its first Eco award in 2012 and our second in 2015.  We as a church are endeavouring towards our third award. The eco award scheme is under going change and new criteria will be known soon from the organising committee. We will be working towards the new criteria aiming to achieve our third award into 2018. 

Achieving our first two awards involved the following from our committee and most importantly from our congregation, friends and community:

Develop a  programme of out reach. For this we have organised litter pick ups in the town involving the public and members of the congregation, formation of a flower bed at the archive centre at Restenneth Priory Practical action in church gardens. Formation of memory garden  completed last month, we are to improve the bottom of the church yard by removing old broken stones and creating a path in front of the hall. We may use some of the stones for decorative purposes.

Making a link between Christian faiths and our environmental concerns. We are already twinned with Zuglo in Budapest.  We continue to published our activities in Steeple times, and in local press.  We also display our activities on a notice board in the church.

Recycling themes.. We have continued to use planters outside the church and make use of the old pews to make planters for sale. We use Eco friendly products for washing and cleaning in the church and use of fair trade products for social events and lunches etc.

Involving youth organisations.. Groovy griffins are learning about recycling and the BB are involved in litter pick ups.

We’ve also helped the Gardening Club with the improvements outside the church such as filling the planters – also recycled pew wood- and tidying up the graveyard. We’ve encouraged the use of eco friendly cleaning materials, paper towels etc. and energy saving light bulbs. We’re also investigating the possibility of installing solar panelling on the excellent south facing church roof.

We have continued to try to reduce our carbon footprint, when we find out what that it's we will know better.  However, this may be a challenge in that the church is used so often these days both night and daytime not just Sundays these days!  Continuing also to power down each night and use energy saving lights.  

NB: we are no longer accepting books and magazines for recycling nor ink cartridges or milk bottle tops.  Please recycle as per Angus council specifications.

Thank you for your cooperation with this

The green committee will make regular updates in this section

What about the spiritual side of things? This is where Rev Barbara Ann has been a constant support and inspiration in prayers for caring for creation and the environment, not to mention her creative use during Sunday services of  stones, wood, soil and especially water! We had an entire service devoted to Fair Trade during Fair Trade fortnight in February 2012 and enjoyed the Guides Thinking Day Service which had the theme of ‘Save the Planet’.  The church’s Bible Study and Prayer Group is now using Eco-Congregation’s material, ‘Caring for God’s Green World’.

All of this work is on-going and we’re open to suggestions from anyone interested. If you’d like to know more about what we’re doing, or, better still, if you’d like to join our group, contact -

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