Notices for Sunday 7th August 2022

Today at 2pm is the dedication of the Garden of Hope at Padanaram we hope you can join us.

Monday 8th August - Music Cafe at 2pm


Bible Reading for next week - Luke 12:49-56

Barbara Ann and Billy would like to invite you stay after worship on Sunday 21st August for a buffet lunch to help them celebrate their Ruby Wedding Anniversary which is on that day.

Saturday 3rd September - Presbytery Conference in St Andrew’s Church at 9.30am for all members of the congregations in Angus.

Bible Reading Rota and Tea Rota - please add your names to the rota to help with these activities and the list is on top of the freezer in the social area.

E-Mail address is

Please remember to inform Barbara Ann Tel. 01307 248228 or 07988938476 of anyone in hospital or needing the services of a minister.   

Charity Number – SC 004921  Copyright Licence – CCLI 2535604

Forfar East & Old Parish is a member of the Church of Scotland





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